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Deby Dixon is a full-time professional wildlife photographer, advocate, guide and writer in Yellowstone, living just outside the North Gate in Gardiner, MT.

Deby has had her images and stories published worldwide in magazines, books and on billboards, and she filmed for two documentaries about the wolves. Her work focus is on telling stories, with words and images, about the wildlife that will hopefully engage the reader and make them want to speak out in support of the animals.

Yellowstone's Wild World, Wild Memories Photography Tours is owned and operated solely by Deby. When not answering questions, booking tours and spending time with clients, Deby is taking photos, watching wildlife, hiking, reading or writing. Despite spending 12 full-time years living right outside of Yellowstone, Deby still has a lot of exploring to do and feels like she learns something new on most days.

Come spend a day, or two or three, with someone who knows and loves Yellowstone National Park.

All tours are private and fully customizable to match your interests. Deby offers environmental education and wildlife photography tours, along with private or group photography workshops. She also offers mid-range hikes for those who are 50+, and snow coach tours in the winter. Yellowstone's Wild World is local and operates 365 days a year. Please contact Deby for date availability before booking.

Deby is a permitted guide in Yellowstone National Park

Photography in Yellowstone

A Yearling Grizzly Cub Poses for Visitors

In Yellowstone we never know what might cross our path, presenting photo opportunities that you have only dreamed about. Maybe a grizzly posing on a hill with snow covered spring grass beneath its feet, a wolf running across the landscape, a coyote and badger hunting together, a fox mama feeding her kits at the den - the possibilities are endless and no two days are the same.

From the people
From the people
"The best tours Julie and I ever had was with Wild Memories by Deby. Thank you for 4 incredible days."
— Ann Brokelman
The Shy Fox
From the people
"Deby, you were an absolutely awesome guide. We love your passion, principles and commitment. As we said, it’s ok to leave some things undone so we have a reason to come back. We saw everything else today, and will see the wolves next time. We can’t wait to spend more time with you in Yellowstone. Craig and Sue" Thank you so much Craig and Sue!
— Craig and Sue
From the people
Deby is a great photographer and tour guide. She has fantastic knowledge of wildlife and respectful of nature.
— Nancy Cain
Bear 815 and two cubs of the year
From the people
Anyone who hasn’t taken one of Deby’s tours needs to. She goes the extra mile and you’ll definitely get some great encounters - be it deer, elk, pronghorn, wolves, foxes, bears etc. She found SO much wildlife when I was on tour with her that it was amazing. We were the only people viewing some wildlife also. She scouts daily in order to make the best trip for her clients the next day. What I liked the best was how she was giving me suggestions of where I should stand et. to get the best photo possible. I think it’s a very worthwhile tour. (Sorry didn’t mean to hijack your post). - just wanted to tell everyone how much they’ll see on your tours. Everyone should book early too!!! She fills up quickly and you don’t want to miss out!!!
— Nancy McLaughlin
First Grizzly of the Season
From the people
This day was amazing Wild Memories by Deby thank you Deby so much for making our dreams come true!! Not only were we really hoping to see A wolf…… we saw a total of 16 wolves out with Deby. The majority of which were all in the one pack, trotting across the landscape. It was the most surreal unexpected wildlife visual we’ve ever imagined. Thanks so very much!!!
— Kellie Ogilvie
Black bear mom and cub at den
From the people
5 stars Very knowledgeable, tailors the trip to your needs Deby is an outstanding guide. She knows the area and the habits of the local wild life very well. She will work with you to tailor your tour for what you would most like to get out of the day. She also has many suggestions of things to see you might not have thought of. Personable, knowledgeable and professional. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
— Irvin and Robyn
Sandhill Crane
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Where the wolves speak to you

A wild wolf showing in Yellowstone National Park